Concrete Drilling


Concrete Drilling Professionals in Cairns


Man drilling concrete — Concrete Grinding in Cairns,QLD
Accu-Cut’s concrete or core drilling services are an essential part of construction and remodelling projects in the Cairns area. When you are building a new structure or renovating an existing one you may require holes drilled into the walls, floors and ceilings. These holes are necessary for the installation of wiring, plumbing, internet and phone lines and other items.

We provide expert concrete drilling & concrete scanning services at affordable rates. Offering a quick turnaround time, expert servicing and the best prices in the area, Accu-Cut are the concrete professionals to trust for any drilling service. We service residential, commercial, industrial, rural and remote properties. Concrete scanning using Mylar Ground Penetrating Radar to locate existing services and/or rebar encased within existing concrete, prior to drilling.

Concrete Drilling


Our concrete drilling solutions are required for HVAC piping and ductwork, plumbing, utility holes, electrical wiring and other purposes. If you are unsure about whether specific holes are able to be drilled into your structures, we encourage you to contact our team in Cairns. Accu-Cut provides a no-obligation assessment and quote to explain how we would approach your project.

The skilled concrete drillers at Accu-Cut use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a result that is superior to any other provider in the area. We can handle areas with limited space, hard surfaces, various depths and any other specific parameters.

Our team works in an efficient but considered manner, ensuring no damage to the structural integrity of the concrete surface in any way.

Flexible Services


Accu-Cut can work with your contractors, designers or other professionals as part of your larger construction or remodelling project. We liaise with other professionals to ensure our services are a seamless part of the job, without slowing down your work or compromising the integrity of your project.

Our quality drilling tools feature diamond tips and other sharp materials which allows us to complete every drilling job to perfection. We can drill through concrete and many other hard materials as well.