Concrete Cutting


Professional Concrete Cutting Services in Cairns


Man cutting concrete — Concrete Grinding in Cairns,QLD
Accu-Cut has a long history of providing expert concrete cutting services to our clients in Cairns, Edmonton and the surrounding Northern Queensland areas. We are one of the largest concrete solutions providers in the area, working with residential, commercial, industrial and rural customers.

Given our decades of experience in the industry, we understand the critical importance of accurate concrete and surface cutting. A proper concrete cut is necessary to ensure that your project is successful. Even the slightest mistake could result in unnecessary delays and added costs in both time and money. Hiring Accu-Cut will ensure your concrete cutting work is done to perfection.

We provide free assessments and quotes before every project. Our team takes into account the information you provide, potentially also conducting a site visit. That allows us to assess the location and circumstances of your job, allowing us to provide you with an accurate price and time quote. We use a service called Concrete scanning which uses Mylar Ground Penetrating Radar to locate existing services and/or rebar encased within existing concrete, prior to drilling.

Flat Sawing


We use saws with diamond blades to cut flat concrete and asphalt surfaces to a significant depth. Flat sawing is often necessary to create openings and trenches for control joints or for underground wires or pipes to be laid.

Whether the job is indoors or outdoors, our team has the expertise and proper equipment to get the work done efficiently and flawlessly. We have the ability to handle any sized job in the Cairns area.

Wall Sawing


Our concrete wall sawing methods ensure precise cuts, whether it is a vertical or horizontal concrete slab. The most common applications for such work include creating openings in walls and doorways, bridge modifications and tunnel work. We can also help in creating new windows, HVAC openings and more.

Wall cutting is a precise job that must be done with low vibrations so as not to cause any collateral damage. We ensure the ideal cuts to your structures, while the surroundings are left unharmed and intact.