Dustless Concrete Grinding


Dustless Concrete Grinding Services in the Cairns Area


Accu-Cut provides dustless concrete grinding services in Cairns and the surrounding areas. Concrete grinding becomes necessary when you are attempting to transform the texture of a surface. For instance, you may want your concrete roughened or smoothed, depending on the way you want the final product to look and each job is unique.
Man grinding — Concrete Grinding in Cairns,QLD

Superior Machinery and Techniques


Concrete grinding is a tricky process that requires specialised knowledge and a high level of expertise to ensure the desired result is achieved. When smoothing or roughening a surface, the slightest mistake can cause damage to the area, potentially being very costly to repair. Hiring Accu-Cut ... Read more

Surface Preparation


Concrete grinding is invaluable when it comes to preparing a surface for a new floor installation. Whether you are planning on redoing the floor in your garage, kitchen or other large floor space, the surface must be perfectly flat and level before any work can begin or the resulting floor will be uneven and compromised. Read more

Dust-Free Grinding


Many companies offer fast concrete grinding services but many of them do not use a dustless technique. The result is a huge mess that takes a lot of time and/or money to clean up. We use equipment and procedures that ensure dust free floor grinding, mortar and thin set removal, coating removal, ... Read more